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31 May 2016
Everyone wants success.
Don’t let denials fool you.
We all dream of being winners, even when our efforts and bank account tell us different.
Until now, you’ve played it safe, kept yourself small. But where has it gotten you? A boring job? Sexless relationship? Predictability? Fake friends? Compromised dreams?
Be honest. You secretly admire the risk takers, the courageous, the bold, wishing your day would come, but fearing it never will.
I’m offering you a lifeline – a website for the fearless and free! I want you to be a powerful man, despite your fears.
But your commitment must be all or nothing, no compromises or doubts.
Don’t be surprised if your so-called “friends” can’t roll with you. Notice the envy in their eyes, the tight smiles and insincere encouragement. Your perseverance reveals what cowards they are. They’re gripped by fear and full of excuses, like you used to be.
The average person believes society’s propaganda about education, employment and security. They desperately try to fit-in, thinking they’ll be saved by “being good.”
Are you ready to die?
Great men know life is meaningless without principles worth dying for.
One of the most powerful men I’ve come across was an obscure Vietnamese monk named ThichQuangDuc. He’s a giant when it comes to internal strength. His sense of self was unshakeable. Single handedly, he stood up to an oppressive Vietnamese regime and made the ultimate sacrifice, by committing revolutionary suicide.
Duc left an indelible mark on history by burning himself in public. This act was so awe inspiring, witnesses bowed before his charred body.
What did this humble monk know that most people will never understand?
•    Life is temporary
•    Never compromise your principles
•    A satisfying life is lived on your terms
For the true believer, a life of subservience isn’t worth living.
Are you ready to die for your dreams?


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